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5 Health Benefits Of Bananas And H2nana Banana Water

5 Health Benefits of Bananas and H2nana Banana Water

Did you know more than 100 billion bananas are consumed every year worldwide? Australians alone munch through about 5 million bananas every day!

The good ol’ nana is famous for a reason. Apart from being sweet and delicious, bananas are a bunch of nutritious fruits. Banana nutrition is no monkey business! Read on for 5 very appeeling health benefits of bananas and H2nana banana water that just might blow your mind.


Despite their firm looks, bananas have a high water content. Each banana packs almost 75 percent water. Surprised? So were we!

Next time you’re feeling parched, grab a nana for a quick and tasty hydration fix. Or give H2nana a try, Australia’s first banana water made with nothing but real bananas.

H2nana contains all the nutrition and health benefits the real banana fruit has. It also retains the banana’s impressive high water content as well as its delicious taste. H2nana is an ultimate refresher!


We all know that bananas are rich in potassium. One banana has 10% of your daily potassium needs. But, how exactly is potassium good for you?

Thanks to potassium, one of the major health benefits of bananas is the provision of electrolyte balance to the body. Combining potassium and a high water content, the banana becomes the ultimate hydration superstar. Potassium is essential for normal muscle function. It also helps with the normal growth and development in children.


Bananas are rich in manganese, a mineral that supports normal health in several ways. The mineral contributes to normal metabolism and is also essential for normal bone formation.  Banana nutrition is not monkeying around!

Just like potassium, the mighty mineral manganese contributes to normal growth and development in children. This makes banana and H2nana banana water the superb picks of the bunch for you and your little monkeys!


Bananas are a favourite among athletes and the healthy bunch. Why is that? The carbohydrate in a banana becomes glucose in the blood providing an excellent source of long lasting muscle energy. This is important for optimal muscle performance during prolonged exercise sessions. The carbohydrate in bananas will also help replace muscle fuel stores after your workout, making bananas great recovery food.

An instant energy booster, H2nana is the workout partner you’ve been missing. It’s loaded with natural health benefits to support your workouts and leave you feeling like the top banana.

H2nana packs potassium, which is essential for electrolyte balance. The body needs potassium before, during and after your workouts for maximum performance. And if that’s not impressive enough, H2nana also contains manganese, a mineral that contributes to normal bone formation. Manganese also contributes to connective tissue structure, helping you recover faster from a strenuous exercise.


H2nana isn’t only impressive for being the first banana water produced in Australia. It’s also impressive because it is 100% natural and has no added sugar. On top of that it is dairy free, lactose free, fat free and gluten free. H2nana banana water has no preservatives and is not made from concentrates. It’s no surprise that H2nana received a 5-star health rating!

H2nana is a healthy, pocket-sized treat that you can easily take with you. With H2nana in your arsenal, you’ll be sure to stay on top of your game on your daily adventures. Go on, drink in the good vibes and fuel your fun with H2nana.

To learn more about H2nana and banana nutrition, check out this page.

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