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4 Natural Alternatives To Energy Drinks

4 Natural Alternatives to Energy Drinks

When life gives you a mid-afternoon slump, do you reach for a can of energy drink? If you said ‘yes’, better read on for four natural alternatives to energy drinks. 

Watch out if you’re guilty of drinking a can of energy drink just for that extra buzz. You’re most likely consuming more than your recommended daily sugar intake. On top of that, energy drinks have high doses of caffeine, stimulants and other health-damaging ingredients.

Most energy drinks claim to provide a boost of mental and physical stimulation when you need them most. These claims may be true, but are mostly short lived. You may feel energised for an hour and then crash a couple of hours later. The side effects of consuming energy drinks may include headaches, irritability, anxiety, and increase heart rate among others.

Ready for a health change? Here are four natural, healthier alternatives to energy drinks:


Believe it or not, getting a great boost in energy is as simple as drinking more water. 

Feeling depleted and out of energy during the day is more common that you think. Majority of the time, it’s because of dehydration.

Water is the most natural energy drink you will find. Water helps the body stay well hydrated and is basically the world’s healthiest drink – no calories, no sugar, no sodium!

Thing twice next time you want to run down to the vending machine to grab a can of energy drink. Grab a bottle of water instead. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will help you stay hydrated. This in turn will keep the mind alert and the body running at optimum performance.


Craving for something a little tastier than water or you just happen to have a notorious sweet tooth? H2nana might just be the choice for you.

H2nana is Australia’s first banana water, made with the freshest and juiciest sun-kissed bananas! It’s 100% natural, a pocket-sized sweet treat with no added sugar. H2nana doesn’t contain flavourings or preservatives, and is not made from concentrates.

H2nana is also dairy free, lactose free, fat free and gluten free. It’s the perfect drink for even the most sensitive tummies! H2nana makes for a great alternative to energy drinks for both kids and adults.

H2nana provides natural energy for a quick pick-me-up when you need it most thanks to all its natural ingredients. It also contains 75 percent water to keep your body hydrated and your mind alert. H2nana makes sure you stay on top of your game throughout the day.

Delicious and hydrating, H2nana is the ultimate refresher. A natural drink that will keep your body fueled, your brains sharp, and your vibe positive all day long.

To learn more about H2nana and banana nutrition, check out this page.


In desperate need of a caffeine hit to get you through your work day? Green tea or black tea may just be what you need.

Green tea and black tea contain small amounts of caffeine, just enough to satisfy your cravings. Tea packs a cup full of surprising benefits that make it one of the best natural energy drinks.

Teas contain small amounts of caffeine and contain surprising benefits that make them notable natural energy drinks. Teas pack a punch with caffeine, minerals, vitamins and natural antioxidants. All this goodness help increase energy as well as improve mental clarity and performance.


Green smoothies and green juices are trendy for a reason. They have become the most convenient, most delicious way to consume our daily intake of veggies and fruits.

Green smoothies don’t take long to make and you can blend up endless possibilities of different flavours and different combinations!

Green smoothies are great alternatives to energy drinks. Why? They provide a powerful boost of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients. These can increase your energy and improve overall mental clarity and focus without the nasty side effects.

Next time you hit your afternoon slump, don’t dare reach for that can of energy drink. Instead, grab a bottle of water, try H2nana, make yourself tea, or blend up a smoothie. Pick these alternatives for healthier fix and forever say goodbye to excessive caffeine-related side effects. 

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