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About H2nana

What is banana water?

H2nana is made from nothing but real bananas, hand-picked and peeled in the sunshine.

Bananas actually contain 75% water. But if you’ve ever tried to blend them, you’ll know the result can be thick and chalky, rather than fruity and refreshing.

That’s exactly where our unique new process comes in! After peeling and chopping the juiciest bananas we can find, we blend them into a smooth liquid – similar to the banana smoothie you make at home.

Although tasty, this leaves most of the refreshing banana juice stuck inside its starchy fibres.

However, after gently steaming the banana smoothie over several hours, we are able to break down the starch and unlock the delicious juice within!

The banana juice is then carefully filtered, cooled and bottled.  

The result is a clear, bright juice that captures the natural essence of the banana without any of the chalky texture.

It’s hydrating and packed full of natural energy to fuel your fun all day long.

H2nana is part of the Naturally Better Brands Family

Naturally Better Brands is here to empower your journey towards a lifestyle of making every day healthier.

We do this by creating an innovative range of ‘better-for-you’ hydration drinks, made from the finest natural ingredients.

We never cut corners or compromise our values, and only work with people who share our passion for doing things the right way.

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