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H2nana Banana Water

Introducing H2nana.
Australia’s first ever banana water.

Wanna hear something bananas? We’ve hand-picked and peeled your favourite fruit to create a deliciously refreshing drink.

H2nana will give your taste buds a sweet surprise, brighten your day and leave you feeling like the top banana!

Made with nothin’ but real nanas and a plenty of sunshine, H2nana is the real deal. No milk, no mess and no monkey business – this drink is just bananas!

Make sure you’re on top of your game for whatever comes your way, keeping your body fueled, hydrated, brains sharp and your vibe positive all day long with H2nana.

Go on, drink in the good vibes and fuel your fun with H2nana.

About Us

H2nana is an all-natural sweet treat with no added sugar. It is 100% natural, made with nothin’ but bananas we’ve hand-picked ourselves.

We make sure that only the freshest and juiciest sun-kissed bananas are turned into H2nana. It’s 100% natural, with no added sugar, flavourings or preservatives.

Click below to discover more about how banana water is made, as well as learning more about H2nana and the rest of the Naturally Better Brands family.

About Us

Nana Nutrition

An instant energy booster, this pocket-sized treat is loaded with a bunch of healthy goodness that will kickstart your daily adventures with a smile.

H2nana provides energy for normal metabolism,  contributes to normal muscle function and, of course, supports hydration – it is made of 75% water, y’know?

Click below to learn more about banana nutrition benefits and discover some deliciously healthy banana recipes.

Nana Nutrition

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